brass hooksChoosing snap hooks

Snap hooks are chosen for a variety of reasons, but here are some guidelines to remember.

Snap hooks are offered in three varieties; nylon, brass, and stainless steel.

When using brass or stainless steel snap hooks, it is important to match the metal in the snap hook to the metal in the grommet (metal ring) of the flag itself. If not, the steel in one will wear away the brass in the other.
Flagpoles in commercial areas might be more apt to use brass snap hooks or stainless steel snap hooks.

In residential areas, noise is often a consideration, and nylon snap hooks create less noise against the flagpole than other snaps. Nylon snap hooks can be a good choice for residential flag flyers.

Quarterly snap checkBrass hooks broken

Anytime the weather is very active, it can tend to kick up high winds and become unpredictable. This means that for people who are flying their flags outdoors, checking the condition of snap hooks is important as we move through the seasons. Here is what you need to know about inspecting and replacing this small, but important, flag accessory.

Look for signs of damage

It is recommend that you inspect the wear on your snap hooks at least as often as every 90 days. They are the most vulnerable of all flag accessories, and their breakage can result in damages that cost far more than simply replacing them according to a schedule.

It is our recommendation that you take any sign of damage seriously.