Your RV is no different from your home. If you want your RV to be as comfortable as it can be, you have to do something about it. Let your RV speak for itself by marking your RV out from others like it. One of the many methods you can do this is to use RV flag pole, streamers, or ties.

You have the choice to have a bare pole or adorn it with pennants or ties. But wouldn’t it be much more fun if you fly your little RV flag when you arrive at your campsite? Although an RV flag pole will make your RV stand out, it also has more critical applications. For one, it helps you differentiate your space in a crowded campground or even a full parking lot. It’s better to seek a unique flag than a vehicle since the former is less complicated to catch a glimpse of. Now, you don’t have spend much time and exert more energy, do you?

Another funciton of an RV flag pole is for safety and security reasons. If thieves would rob something that can easily be expressed, then they would be jeopardizing their own activity; so they focus on those that can’t easily be observed by other individuals. How about that for a thief-proof RV?

Before obtaining an RV flag pole, you have to pick what type of flag you want. Choose the best flag pole from a wide selection offered in the market. Most of them are weather-resistant, flexible fiberglass flagpoles. A telescopic pole would be nice. It will not be hard for you to take on and off. A flagpole is not for flags only. It can also be used to put other items on it. If you don’t want flags on your flagpole, try putting socks, streamers or small kites. They will look as good as a flag or even better. These would distinguish your RV from the rest.

Nonetheless, if flags, wind socks, or small kites are not your thing, then try placing lights atop of your fiberglass flagpoles. If you want to make your RV flag pole light up like a Christmas tree, an LED strobe light would be wonderful. You could make the road safer for the public with your Christmas tree-like RV.


Source by Rich M Sanders