Don’t hang flag from tree

Q: Is it legal to hang a U.S. flag from a tree?

A: It’s a no-no to fly an American flag from a tree, says First Lt. Kenneth Toole, a public affairs officer at the Minnesota National Guard’s Camp Ripley.

The U.S. Flag Code states that the flag needs to be displayed from a permanent structure, he said.

“It needs to be on a structure where, say, if the wind was blowing, it wouldn’t blow the flag off or blow the branch off,” Toole said.

  • The U.S. Flag Code lays down the rules and regulations for displaying, destroying and respecting the flag. It also defines when a flag should be flown at half-staff.
  • The Flag Code is actually a federal law, though it’s not usually enforced. Chapter 1, Section 6, Statute A of the Flag Code says the flag is to be displayed only on buildings and permanent flagstaffs.