In 1992, I found myself as an over-the-road truck driver pulling a flatbed throughout the United States. I’ve been on every interstate from one end to the other, with two exceptions: never made it to Alaska or Hawaii, sorry Sarah.

I learned that traveling, by car, to the top of Mt Lemmon, which is located in the Santa Catalina Mountains, is some 9100+ feet above sea level. When I took Jessica, my teenaged daughter, there, we learned that going from Tucson to the top of the mountain, was like traveling from the border of Mexico to the Canadian border, as far as the changes in Temperate Zones experienced. As I recall, it was around 70 degrees in Tucson, and people were skiing on the snow, in the 20’s to 30 degree mark atop Mount Lemmon.

I’ve been through the Colombia River Gorge, traveling both sides, the Oregon and Washington State sides, many times. Crossing the Hoover Dam, I have an appreciation anytime I’ve watched, on the History Channel, a documentary about the construction of the Hoover Dam. I’ve had the opportunity to be inside The Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, delivering replacement parts for the overhead crane that lifts the rockets onto the Space Shuttle. I’ve taken military equipment to and from the Mohave Desert in California, for military training exercises in the desert. I’ve seen first hand how majestic, diverse and beautiful this great land of ours is.

I cherish the freedom and liberty we have in our country…home of the free, land of the brave. However, today I fear for this nation. Never before have we witnessed such a relentless onslaught, from within, of the traditional values that our founding fathers had in mind when they formed this great country of ours. The pursuit of happiness, freedom, liberty and capitalism are under attack. As Mark Levin describes, in his book ‘Liberty and Tyranny’, the establishment of a “soft tyranny.”

I witness the new phenomenon of the tea parties taking place throughout our nation, and hope that they are not just momentary, but lasting and growing in numbers in the future. I see one of the symbols of those tea parties in the don’t tread on me flags displayed. Recalling our history, using don’t tread on me flags is the best symbol to use to unite “we the people.”

As I stated earlier, in 1992 I became an over-the-road truck driver. In the fall of that year, my father passed away. When you’re driving down the road in a big truck, you have the opportunity to do lots of thinking. One day, as I recall, my truck was out in the great northwest, Montana to be exact. Thinking of my past, my dad, and where I was, I started to create a poem. I call it This Great Land Of Ours.

This Great Land of Ours

I’ve seen the mountains touch the sky, snow still there in June perhaps July, I’ve seen the green grass on the prairie and the blooming in the desert. My Dad never saw Montana as I drive through and take it for granted.

I’m a trucker, and I don’t make much money, but I have more wealth than you can imagine, for I’ve seen the vastness of this great land of ours.

From the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, high and low, I’ve been there. From Puget Sound to the shores of Miami I’ve driven a big truck. From Boston to San Diego I’ve gone. I’ve been on four lanes, three lanes and one lane at times. I’ve seen the cities and countryside. I see all those vehicles and wonder where they’re going and why they’re in such a rush to get there?

I have long hair and sometimes a beard, but at least I don’t have to wear a tie, I think I’d die. I drive over 500 miles a day, so I change my scenery everyday. If travel is vacation to most, I guess I might be a great host.

I have a storage area in Michigan, my truck is out of Atlanta, I have residency in Florida, my hearts in Arizona, but my load is going to Pomona.

Yes, trucking is not so bad for me, ’cause I’ll see places you’ll never be, so go to your jobs and think of me, while I’m out here and really free.

Now, what does my poem and don’t tread on me flags have to do with each other?

With the current mess we find ourselves in today with our federal government, it made me think of our past, how I feel about our country and the meaning of don’t tread on me flags. By Mess with our federal government, I mean – an out of control, unchecked, power obsessed, progressive (far to the left), “statist”, political party in control of both houses of congress and at the helm of our ship of state is a far to the left, socialist, trying to masquerade himself as some sort of centrist so he can appeal to, (manipulate), the majority of people in this country. I’m with Dick Morris, in the belief that President Obama is willing to accept not being elected again, if he can establish a permanent socialist regime in the United States during his first term.

Well Mr. President, you know someone once said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Federal Government – Don’t Tread On Me!


Source by Thomas Noffsinger