Flagpole InstallationThe American Flag under Article (4) of the United States Code, Section (6) states that the Flag should be flown from Sunrise to Sunset, however for those requiring a more Patriot feel, can do so by flying the American Flag so long as the Flag is illuminated with lighting, and specifically “Does Not Fall Into Darkness”.

Is there a Civil Penalty for not properly illuminating the American Flag at night? Absolutely, under the Flag protection Act, failure to properly light a flag at night can result in a fine of up to $100,000 or imprisonment of up to one year.

However, chances are you will never be fined or imprisoned, as much as you would upset Veterans, or those who pass by your flag and realize it has “Fallen Into Darkness”. Which leads us to a very important planning problem…

How To Properly Illuminate The American Flag At Night

The key component of illuminating a flag at night is to never allow the flag to “Fall Into Darkness”. So the basic question of how many light fixtures do I need or how bright do they have to be is directly proportional to the height and size of the flag being flown. Still not an easy answer, but we can help you with this too. Here are the general rules of thumb:

  • 15 Feet or less from ground = 1 light fixture
  • 15-25 Feet from the ground = 2 light fixtures
  • 25-30 Feet from the ground = 3 light fixtures
  • 30-60 Feet from the ground = 3 high power light fixtures