Every country has a flag that represents them to the world. These flags have become a symbol of unity to countries. Some have more of a presence on the national stage. The United States flag is one of those flags that are recognizable around the world. The US flag was first announced to the world on June 14, 1777 with 13 original stars. Those 13 original stars represented the first 13 colonies that were in the United States of America. These were the same colonies that rebelled against the British Crown and won their independence.

The US flag has evolved over the years to the current version of 50 stars that has been around since July 4, 1960. During the history of the United States, it has been changed 26 total times. The current version of the US flag has been around longer than any other version. This has just happened recently since the passing of the 47 years the 48 star flag held. It still has thirteen red stripes that lay horizontal with alternating white stripes. The blue rectangle on the upper left corner holds the stars that represent the states of the United States of America. The US Flag was the motivation for the US national anthem the Star Spangled Banner.

There is a United States Flag Code that gives one the proper use of the flag. One part of the guide that is known to most Americans is that the flag should never touch the ground. You see how careful people are when raising the flag to never touch the earth. To fly it at night one must keep it illuminated throughout the night. Also when a flag becomes worn over time there is proper protocol for disposal. You can never place the flag in the trash or other disposal. The proper disposal of the United States Of America Flag is by burning. You find many organizations including the American Legion on Flag Day commencing with flag burning ceremonies. The date for Flag Day each year is June 14.

Many do not know that the United States Flag code is a Federal Law in the United States. There is no penalty if someone fails to treat their flag by the Flag Code though. There have been many debates on making a Flag Desecration Amendment to enforce the Flag Code with penalties of law.

One of the most famous views of the US Flag has been at half-staff. This practice is commonly done to state a period of mourning or as a sign of respect. There was no more famous time for this than after the incidents of September 11. The guidelines of flying the US flag at half-staff at federal buildings were laid out by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on March 1, 1954.

The United States currently does not seem to be expanding. This does not mean the future of the flag has not been discussed. There are groups looking to bring statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. This has led to at least two different versions of a 51 star flag.

While the future of the US Flag is ever changing the past is set. To Americans there is no more recognizable national symbol. Throughout the world there have been few flags that have brought out more emotion than the US Flag. No matter the future of the US Flag the history is long and proud for Americans.


Source by Keegan Darrell