POW-MIA FlagThe POW/MIA flag has numerous flag display screen guidelines distinct to it. Right here are a few of the bottom lines of POW/MIA flag rules and guidelines of screen:

1) When flying the POW/MIA flag on the very same pole as the American flag, it ought to be the exact same size or one size smaller sized than the American flag and be flown simply below the National Colors.

2) When the POW/MIA flag is to be shown as part of a group of 2 flagpoles, it might either be shown by itself flagpole or once again below the united state flag. A state flag might be shown by itself on the 2nd flagpole, to the right of the American and POW flags as you deal with the structure and flagpoles.

3) On Half Staff days: Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15th), Memorial Day (the last Monday in May – from dawn till midday), Patriot Day (September 11th), Pearl Harbor Memorial Day (December 7th), and on other days as directed by the President of the United States – the POW/MIA needs to likewise be decreased to half personnel together with the National Colors.

4) POW/MIA Flag Recognition Day is observed on the Third Friday of each September. On POW/MIA Remembrance Day, the POW/MIA flag ought to not be decreased to half personnel, however need to be flown (particularly over the following places) at complete personnel together with the united state flag: the Capitol and the White House in Washington, DC, the Korean War and Vietnam Veterans War Memorials, every National Cemetery, any structure including the main workplaces of the Secretary of State, the workplaces of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the workplaces of the Director of the Selective Service System, every significant military setup, every VA Medical Center, and every Post Office.