Annin Solar Flagpole Light


We now have Solar Lights For Regular Outdoor Flagpoles AND  Solar Lights For Small Outdoor Flagpoles


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Simply remove your threaded-spindle ball from the top of your flagpole, pass it through the hole in the Solar-Light, and your done!

No wiring needed,
Easy to install, no special tools required
Solar Panels Collect light all day and illuminate your flag at night
For use with in-ground poles 15 to 25 feet
This light has 20 LEDs rated at 100,000 hrs
Solar flagpole light is 8in. in diameter
Comes with three AA batteries
1/2″ diameter hole through the light. Fits any standard 1/2″ spindle threading
for flagpole ornament
last up to 8 hrs
Illumination: Approx. 50 Lux
90 Day Warranty

Solar Light For Small Outdoor Flagpoles

Now available, a miniature version of the Solar Flagpole Light, designed to work with small outdoor flagpoles.  It measures less than 5.5 inches in diameter and weighs only 5 ounces.  It ships with a collection of three adapters; it is compatible with all Spinning poles and most one-inch diameter flagpoles.  Each adapter features angle-adjustable connection.

(Flag Etiquette says flags flown through the night are to be illuminated.)

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